The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Inktober Day 2

I don't know if I will keep up these daily posts or not. I am thinking about doing it once a week. We shall see.

FWIW, I scanned and reposted yesterday's final effort, which you can see here, if you are so inclined.

As I said yesterday, I am using Yupo, a synthetic paper, which I had not even heard of until a couple of weeks ago.  I saw a couple of YouTube videos about its possibilities and thought using it would be a fun way to learn and progress through the Inktober challenge.  First of all, it is challenging. :P So far I haven't gotten the ink to do what I want it to. I think the main thing is that I am impatient. I need to let things dry more on their own before trying to do the next step.

Today's drawing gave me a particularly tricky thing to overcome because yesterday I had successfully used some masking fluid to protect a couple of lines of branches on my tree. It worked so well, I thought I would use it instead of white glue (which I did use yesty as well and saw others use to great effect) to cover the areas where my feathers were. Why did I do this? For one, this masking fluid is a bane to my watercoloring existence, which is what I bought it for, and therefore, thought it would be a good way to use it up.  For another, drying time. So. Much. Faster. than glue.  However, covering it with quite a bit of ink and spreading it thin did not go well. I had lots of gray over my feathers and had to seek for other solutions to get them white again (white Daler Rowney* acrylic ink and white gel pen).  I am using a very-near-empty bottle of Dr Phil Martin's opaque black ink, but I should have Rohrer’s India ink arriving soon. I also use some fineliners and micron pens for the line work.  Oh, yes, also alcohol. I don't know if it is isopropyl or not. Yesty I used 70% and today I found a bottle of 90%.  I used a bit of my granulation medium for watercolors, too.

ink 2 feathers.jpg

The shaft of the biggest feather is too dark, but I wanted to scan it today and didn't want to put more wet ink on it.

"Sounds like you are writing another happy story," said J. :P

Speaking of happy-happy, I didn't have red ink for the blood and so used fabric paint, of all things, toned down with some sepia ink.

* I also have the Daler Rowney sepia ink and am not happy with how orangey it is. :(
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