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Piratic Birthday Adventures

Today is J's b-day, and as is my custom, I planned a little something:

Since J has to work today, I told him that we would go out to eat the night before to celebrate his birthday. I bought him a carven box (like a cigar box) as decoy for the real gift and took him to eat at a Thai restaurant called Le Mekong. The food was delicious, and the waiter brought out a Thai dessert with a candle stuck in it. They turned off the lights and everyone sang Joyeux Anniversaire to Julien. That embarrassed him. *lol* Well, he thought that was that, and we came home and went to bed.

I suspect that he suspected there would be another surprise today, but because his work shift is from 8:30am-7:30pm, he probably didn't expect to be awoken at 6:15 for said surprise to take place.

I sneaked out of bed and planted a specially prepared envelope on the front porch and then slipped back under the mosquito net and cuddled up to him. After waiting a minute to make sure he was still asleep, I *jerked* very convincingly and mumbled, "Did you hear that? Someone's banging on the gate."

Thinking work had tried and failed to reach him on the phone, he hurriedly wrapped his pareo around his hips and opened the front door. He saw the envelope but, thinking it was trash tossed there by kids, he almost ignored it in favor of returning to bed. But, upon further inspection, he noticed the word Seaheart written on it. Interesting. Verrry interesting. (I now interrupt my narrative to tell you that J loves the sea; he loves diving; he would love to have a sailboat; he would love to live by the ocean when we finally settle down)

Inside was....A battered, tattered, torn and worn treasure map! Amazingly enough, a map showing the very island we live on. How serendipitous! So, after breaking our fast with fresh coconut pancakes (J's spelled I "heart" U--yes, sappy, I know. :D ), we girded ourselves for the adventure and set off. I was the camerawoman and documented the Hero and His Hunt. By following the mystery pirate's crude markings, our Hero arrived at the burial spot and...

Unearthed half of the coconut I the old salt had buried. Gone was the other half and the note describing what he had to do to get the true treasure.* Fortunately, the camerawoman has had some firsthand dealings with pirates, so she was able to tell the Hero how to proceed. He kissed his princess, very chastely, and she presented him with a coupon for an hour's flight around the island. He was tickled with the gift, but even more pleased with the adventure behind it, which, of course, tickles me. He'll fly on Friday, and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics and video footage of it.

*Why, yes, this is Mayotte, and remember, little children, even when you think it's unlikely that someone is hiding and watching you, they probably are. I've heard a lot of stories about couples going to the beach, and, wanting to swim together, they bury their car keys, only to come back and discover that, despite being alone on the beach and seeing no one in the environs, someone was very aware of the exact hiding location. So, with this in mind, I prepared a simple note saying that he had to kiss me to get his gift. Oh no no, I'm not so stupid as to bury something of real value and then expect it to be waiting there for me the next day. The funny thing is that the note was written in English, and I'm pretty positive that the a**holes who decided to steal it thought to take it to a translator so they could get the jump on the "real" goods. Ha! Fooled you, you fushing fiefs! I giggle every time I picture them trying to figure out "Forget not yer robotic memory, that devilish technology, when upon cannon-metal wings ye mount..." bwahahaha!

I come to the theft-and-translation conclusion because the note was nowhere to be seen, and believe me, sacred though they may consider the lake to be, it is still not exempt from their careless littering.
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