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After the fact

I am a little weary of starting all my posts feeling like I only come around after things have passed, after I have moved past or through something; but in the thick of it, I don't have the time or the energy. Still, I feel a need to record things for myself, for those who come after.

I have gone through a rough patch physically and emotionally of late. It began with me sleeping poorly. I injured my knee, and that led to many nights of poor sleep. Then of course, I caught a nasty chest thing, meaning more lost sleep. Then at the end of May, my family was finally ready to do a memorial for my mom, who died last March, and asked me to take care of the video, which, while it didn't really cut into my sleep, it did put me in a raw place, feelings-wise.

Two days after the memorial, my aunt (only 14 years older than I) was found dead in her bed. She hadn't gone to the service, and because my family is often at odds with one another, no one really worried about it. I still don't know why or how she died. If anyone knows more, they have yet to tell me. Death is never nice, but the bitterness, ugliness, and accusations that spewed forth at my aunt's passing were shocking and not at all what I expected when I called to comfort my family.

So my over-tired self was hit with a lot of emotional turmoil, and while on the road, coming home from church (an hour's drive) I ended up having a migraine with scary neurological side-effects that had J calling for help and me getting driven off in an ambulance. Doctor's orders have been take magnesium and rest, so that is what I have been trying to do between the gardening, parenting, and general homesteading. Thankfully J was around during the worst of it. Today, he has taken the kids to spend a week with his mom, giving me a much-needed break. Now if only I didn't have to contend with the allergies that the season has brought me. Have I said that I am one tired chica? Let it be said then: I am one tired chica.

My plan this week is to get lots of downtime, do some reading, do some cleaning (now, don't chide: I really need to take care of some stuff to feel well in head and body), watch a movie or two, potter in the garden, maybe draw (I don't know that I have writing in me right now), and not do any more than I have to.

In other news, one of our May-born pullets disappeared without a trace, but on the same day, we had six new chicks hatch. I have given a momma duck some chick eggs to hatch (last chance for her to be a surrogate mom if it doesn't go well this time) because I felt so rotten at having made her abandon her own clutch last month.  Also, the momma hen that hatched out our first chicks of the season has gone broody again.  Maybe we will have more luck than last year.

Kids and first chicks:

Ti'Loup doesn't quite have the hang of holding chicks yet:

Doesn't Farmer Boy have the perfect farm hands? :P

Gardening photos and other news to follow. I hope.
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