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I felt prompted to check my friends feed after weeks and weeks of absence due to all the busyness that is life, and I have caught up with you all as far as DW will let me without clicking on the feed of each individual friend. As broad as it may be, I want to wish all of you fulfillment and peace, journeys and discoveries, hope and love in 2019.

As the result of my conditioning, with the turn of the year, I am looking back--myopically and selectively, I admit--on the last year and peering into the new with hopeful thoughts of Different and Better.

My major failed goal of last year was not sending out my children's book by March end, much less finishing it.  I would like to rectify that this year. I have no set date this time. I need to sit down with the project and make specific goals to achieve by specific dates. I like asakiyume's idea in this post about at least opening the document every day.

I was overwhelmed and consumed with my gardening this past year, and while I feel I did a lot, I did not succeed a lot. That sucks, to spend so much time and to have so little to show for it in this lean season. Even throughout the chief growing season, I do not feel we had abundance.* My goal this year is to be smarter about what I grow based on what performed well and what we eat the most of. Logical, I know, but it is a both a difficult thing to predict based on the weather and my own lack of experience. We have the grow tunnel in place this year, so that should help, but I am also planning a major layout overhaul of the existing veggie patch and feeling a panicky about it already because, as usual, I feel I don't know enough (perfectionist me abhors not getting things "right," don't you know), and true to form, I did not do the preliminary work in the autumn when it was time to get the ball rolling to prepare this year's beds.

However, my word for this year is not "Stress-Free" (two words?), but I am going to try to give myself grace. I want to learn and do; do and learn. Fail and forgive; forget and assimilate.

To use the Google Dictionary: Grace: courteous goodwill. and Merriam-Webster: : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency.

Yeah, Grace. That is my word for this year.

Have you set goals or do you choose a word to define and focus your coming year?


*We had lots of tomatoes, lots and lots, but even zucchini, which everyone talks about having soooooooo much of, did not give that well with the drought.
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