The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Not a Crazy Chicken Lady

...but I could easily become one.

I really love taking care of our chickens. I took this photo the other day to show queenoftheskies the variety of eggshell colors our hens lay:


The difference is very faint in this photo, but it looks like the two light colored eggs are from different hens. Perhaps not because I don't know who the other layer could be, because...

...before I got around to posting the previous photo, Storm finally came into lay,. Her eggs are dark brown, leaning towards pinky-purple. So here is another photo on white paper to show the creaminess of Lightning's egg (far right) with the breed noted:

See the size of Storm's egg (far left) compared to the other hens who have been in lay longer? This is only her second egg, and it is already quite big. Even though she is not my favorite hen personality-wise (more skittish than standoffish), I might be interested in getting more of her breed because they grow big and fast without intensive feeding. Perfect for a family of four meat-eaters (Sprout only eats bacon and crispy chicken skin) because Junebug looooooves chicken.  But maybe he loves sausage even more. Yes, we will be getting our own pigs. Soon I hope.
Tags: chickens, life in france

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