The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Let's all give a hand for their astounding efficacy! Not to mention their promptness!

If shouty ALL-CAPS gets on your nerves. scroll away now.

Livid. That's what I am.  But, OK, deep breath. There's nothing to be done now.

Turns out that, oh yes, the police found our car, just like they said they would.  Want to guess why I sound more peeved than overjoyed about that right now?

Because the car has been sitting in FREAKING SUEZ pretty much EVER SINCE IT WAS STOLEN. A person whose rank shall go uncited said it has been there "only" 10 months when question about why we weren't called right away ; an employee whose office is right by where our car is parked said, "Oh, yeah, that's been here for 2 years." (Not quite, obviously, since it was stolen in June 2015.)

It is a complete wreck now from just sitting there. The tires that were only a couple of months old when it was stolen are cooked by the sun, there is a dead cat in, it reeks of piss and mold, says J. Instead of driving it, he's looking at hiring a wrecker to bring it back because WE WILL HAVE TO GIVE IT TO Egyptian customs/automobile-control-whatever because it will probably take too much money to fix it and no one will buy it.

And another deep breath. And look on the bright side--well MAYBE bright--because (MAYBE) we won't have to fees to pay. Because, you know, stupid us, we didn't pay the registration on the car for the last 1.5yrs BECAUSE IT WAS STOLEN and not in our possession.

The incompetence takes my breath away.

And going to go do some cleaning to try to work out this anger.
Tags: life in egypt, ranting, stupid people

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