The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

I worked quite a bit on sketching this week, but I could have concentrated more than I did on the illustrations for my picture book.  I did 18 doodles and only filled one page of my (admittedly large) project sketchbook. I finished the hedgehog, too.  My take-away lesson from the hedgehog is: Planning is important. If I don't plan something, I shouldn't be disappointed or discouraged if the back- and foreground are not integrated.  So, even if I'm doing something to horse around, I might want to think it through a bit more.

I took both my doodle book and sketchbook to the library on Thursday, only to find that the library was closed due to it being a holiday (anniversary of the 2nd revolution). So I went to sit in a "park" near my house instead, which is where I did the sketch on the lefthand page.
On the top of the righthand page, you can see the word "right" which means that I drew all of that with my right hand (I'm lefthanded), and Sprout contributed the potted plant on the far right. :P

Here is the finished (and pretty muddy looking) hedgehog, with a re-post of its beginning.
ink - hedgehog.jpg
This week's goal is to concentrate on the picture book illustrations and do a doodle a day.
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