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Revisiting the storyboard

In case anyone is curious about how the thumbnail sketches work for me and what kinds of things I'm looking at, beneath the cut are a few things that I've done/thought about since doing this storyboard.

Here is the photo again so you don't have to click back to my previous entry to see what I'm talking about

FFCYMaCF - storyboard thumbnails.jpg

So, while looking at the storyboard, I noticed that spreads 2, 4 (well, actually in the 5th position) and 10 all have illustrations that are basically disembodied heads.  Spreads 2 and 4 have something else going on, and 4 will pretty much stand. But 2 and 10 even have the same angle. So, I moved the pony over a bit and will show some of the back along with a suggestion of a horse's back to give a size comparison. I also did a mirror flip to the critters on the right-hand page so that they are facing the pony.  Gives, to me, a more cohesive feel to both pages. The composition then resembles spread 8, but the animals are not face-to-face, so I don't feel it is too repetitive.

The second thing that jumped out at me was the almost identical horizon line (which might not be too noticable in the photo) of spreads 7 and 8.  That led me to rethink exactly what I want each image to portray and how that can tie in to what is under the flap.  Out came the pencils and I sketched some cattails with flowering spikes on spread 8. The spike closest to the right-hand page has seed fluff blowing off to the right, which will transform into something else under the flap.

I might also need to consider adding one or two different "camera"/POV angles to further change things up...


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Feb. 11th, 2016 01:37 pm (UTC)
I can't quite see which spread is which (deficient eyes...), but I do know what you mean about not wanting to to have repetitious layouts, same horizon line, etc.

Very cool!
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