The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Gift giving

Sprout is invited to a birthday party tomorrow.  I told her it would be nice if she made the girl a card, and we would get her a gift.

Sprout's excited response is to give the girl something she has made, rather than buy something.  Which, of course, I totally love and agree with. The problem is that I'm not sure the receiver will be as pleased, used to, as she is, getting store-bought, "fancy" gifts.  I don't want Sprout to be hurt if there is a lack of appreciation, and I don't want the other girl to feel disappointed.

One solution would be to buy something to give in addition to what Sprout makes, but that invalidates, in my mind, what Sprout wants to do and teaches that only bought things have value.

Tags: shaking the magic 8 ball

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