The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Feeling a bit like I'm caught in a whirlwind

I know we (well, the kids and I) have a long break ahead of us, but it seems like time has caught us up and is flinging us madly about since we got back to France. This is going to sound like a list of complaints, but it really isn't. It's just busyness and things.

First of all, the airline lost our stroller and when it was delivered, it was broken. So we've had to file complaints, research and ask around for various hard/nigh-impossible-to-come-by declarations by the stroller manufacturer, etc.  All so that the airline will tire us out and not have to pay damages. Remember last year's fiasco with the overbooking?  It took 9 months and J writing them constantly and pointing out laws in our favor before they FINALLY agreed to refund our tickets.

Then we had a doctor's appt for Junebug.  Tomorrow I have to take Sprout to the doctor, too. I don't think I ever mentioned that Luna the rescue kitten gave us all ringworm. Everyone except Sprout has responded well to home remedies. In Egypt, they said she was too young for treatment; going to see what the French doc has to say. A vet here has kindly agreed to sell us a treatment for Luna so that J can get her well before the family goes home at summer's end (the vet does want to see proof--doctor's diagnosis--that we have ringworm since we can't bring Luna to her).

We got back on Saturday from a few days spent with J's grandma, and we started preparing that night for guests on Sunday.  After a good day eating and visiting, I went to bed at 9:30, headachy and suffering from allergies, hence why there was no snippet from me. I hoped to get a good night's sleep, but nightmares and allergies kept that from happening. Thankfully, J was able to let me sleep in in the morning.  Still coping with the allergies--oh the joys of France in spring for lil' ol' me--but I'd rather deal with them than the heat and pollution of Cairo.

Junebug is getting his pre-molars. Two have cut through the gums, and two more are on the verge. The teething business makes for a clingy, unhappy boy, but all in all, neither of my kids have had a horrific time teething.

It has rained almost every day since we arrived in France, and the average daytime temperature has been 60 F/16 C.  Silly me thought that we couldn't have two summers (yes, I know it is not technically summer yet) in a row with such "bad" weather and cold temperatures, and I didn't pack adequat clothing for myself. Going to have to go shopping. If you don't know me, let me tell you that is not a cause for rejoicing in my books.

Poor J has to fly back to Cairo on Saturday, and we haven't been able to do any fun family things outside.  Oh well. There's always time to do that in July and Aug.  Unless this summer is like the last. :P

All this to say that I had (have!) grand plans for getting some writing and art done this summer, but I haven't found the time or breath or centeredness to do it...yet.  I'll get there, though.  
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