The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Meet Luna

A sucker may be born every minute, but some of us get to practice our suckerhood every other minute. Or something like that.

Once again, our hearts have softened and we have committed rescue.

Meet Luna:

She must be 4-6 weeks old, a Persian* or Persian mix. She was on the road outside our home, covered, literally, in fleas.** In fact, we thought she was scabby, but no, it was just the mass of fleas around her eyes, in the crevices around her nose and mouth.  All these photos are post-bath, tedious tweezing, and brushing because she is too young and weak to use any flea products on.  She was missing all the fur before, not because of our clean-up, rest assured.

Sprout loves her, scruffiness and all, and she is the one who named Luna--on the spot--because, "I just like the name." J is already calling her Luna Lunatic, through no fault or antics of the kitten's, but it seems like a foretelling. :P

Be at peace, wee one. You are safe here.

She's confined to the back balcony for now, awaiting a vet visit tomorrow. We'll let her meet N'djema after getting a clean bill of health.  That promises to be exciting. :-/


* No offense intended to any lovers of this breed, but I'm not really a fan. Just to make clear that we didn't relent and save her because she looks like something other than a street cat. I can't stand suffering, though, not when I can do something about it, no matter who or what it is happening to.

**Actually, she was under a car and came waddling out to us when she heard us talking, as if sensing soft-hearted marks saviors nearby.

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