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Can you miss what you don't know is missing?

I'm back, but I bet you didn't even know I was gone. It has been a busy week, and I'd like to just crash into a puddle for a couple of days. The chances of that happening are slim, though, seeing as how I have a ton of stuff to keep me busy until we leave for France for the summer.

Last Saturday, we visited Abo Gilban, a tiny village in the Beni Suef governorate with Healing Grace, an outreach program that helps provide children with education and health care.

We first visited several homes where the children told us a bit about themselves, what subjects they liked, whether or not they are sponsored...

Then Sprout made a friend, who tried to help her pet the village goats, while Junebug got coddled by loving mamas. The kiddos all wanted a photo of Sprout and Junebug before we left. And one boy, our guide, asked to take a photo of J with our camera.  I love it:
A door, just because:

It was a three-hour drive there and back, but we did it and then rose at 4:30 the following morning to fly to Sharm el-Sheik, on the tip of the Sinai peninsula. There we took a cab to Dahab, an hour's drive up the coast. J kitesurfed while the kids and I played on the beach. The wind was good for J but made it rather cold for the rest of us to swim.  It wasn't until our last day that we actually paddled and splashed about the sea.  Still, it was lovely to get away from Cairo and breathe clean air!

We arrived home last night to death threats being yelled by a policeman at a screaming woman*. "Welcome to Egypt," said a man when I looked at him with eyebrows raised in question. The air, flooding in through our open windows, reeked with the smell of burning plastic and vomit.  Welcome home, indeed.

And now it is time for bed, but before I go:  At 11USD per HOUR(!!!) for an Internet connection at our hotel, I didn't connect at all while gone.  If you feel so inclined, please tell me what you have been up to.

* We didn't understand what was said at the time because it was in Arabic. Our Egyptian friend who picked us up at the airport translated after and told us that he is afraid another uprising is in Egypt's not-too-distant future. :(
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