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The Wayfarer

Sunday Snippet

I just spent an hour on the phone with an internet tech in order to bring you this passionate post about my creative endeavors of the week past.  I'll wait until your beating hearts still to continue....  OK. That should be good.

First bit of news is that I spent a lot of time writing up text and reading it to Sprout.  When she wasn't saying, "Yeah, I know that, Mom," (because, obviously, I share and she listens when I discuss things with J), she seemed to be enjoying it.

I also figured out something that seems really obvious in hindsight. All this time I've been wondering what kind of style I should do or how to approach the (possible) style disconnect between an absurd creation and a real creature; and I started trying to suss this out by drawing the absurd when, in fact, I should have started with the realistic stuff.

This brilliant realization had to take backseat to another project, though.

Junebug's hooded sweater*:
junebugs hooded sweater

I found someone to help me figure out the pattern.  If I can complete the thing, I just may make another and do a photo tutorial because the posted pattern causes (has caused) a lot of people problems.

*It's almost too warm for a sweater here, but he'll need it in France in May.
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