The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday...or Progress Report Day

Because, really, there is no snippet to share, just a brief summation of my week's work.

For this project, I am illustrating and writing up info on 12 critters; I've now researched 10, noting facts that could interest young readers. Heck, I found facts that interest me, too. :P  And good thing, that. Don't want the writer bored out of her gourd.

However, there are at least two creatures about which I've found very little to work with. :-<  Enough, perhaps, to keep them, but if I had alternatives, I might consider changing my line up... We'll see.

I don't know that I'll post a snippet next week because tomorrow we leave on a small trip to celebrate Junebug's first birthday.

A funny thing happened to me last night: While listening to the sportcasters talk about a rugby match that had just ended, I thought, "OK, game is over; time to write on Witherwilds."  Without realizing it, I had just been transported back to Mayotte, when I watched games several times per week and wrote pretty much everyday.
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