The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Change of plans

Some friends of ours went to Wadi el Hitan yesterday and filled us in on their visit.  Apparentlly, now is not the moment to go.  Not because of the weather but because of security measures put into effect following terrorist threats. We already put off another trip to Fayoum at Thanksgiving because of scheduled protests.

While our friends didn't feel targeted or unsafe, they were obliged to have a police* escort everywhere they went.  Not exactly a restful way to spend a couple of days, so we are planning to go to Alexandria instead. Been here two years now and have yet to visit that famed delta city. With two young'uns in tow, now might not be the time either, but carpe diem...

* Since police and military are usually the targets of terrorists here in Egypt, it seems pretty illogical--and even more dangerous, of course--to have them as an escort.
Tags: egypt, life in egypt, putting on my travelin' shoes, the best laid plans

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