The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Meanest Joke Ever

'Tis Tuesday, I know, and I posted no snippet. It was not that I forgot, but I had a lot going on.  The week was mostly taken up with Christmas stuff, like making decorations and an advent calendar and wreath, and putting up and decorating the tree.

The subject line comes from an exchange between Sprout and her pops on the subject of holiday preparations:

Sprout, to her father, who was walking to the front door with the bagged tree in hand: What are you doing with the tree?

J: Putting it outside. We're going to throw away all the Christmas things; we don't want to celebrate anymore.

Sprout looked at me with an incredulous, yet half-believing look, before blurting: Pops, that's the meanest joke ever!

In addition to all the activities, I was hit with two nasties. The first was Internet-related, and I was attacked by some kind of p*rn pop-up thing that opened pages with horrible photos every time I tried to access LJ and a couple of other sites I frequent.  The second was crud brought to us by a family we invited to our church's Christmas pageant.  And we are all--well, not J for the moment--coming down with lovely coughs and clogged sinuses. /sarcasm

'Tis the season...

Speaking of seasons, I can't believe this will be our third Christmas here. One more to go.
Tags: family, feeling crafty, holidays, ickiness, life in egypt
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