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Snippet Sunday

Or should I say "Sundays."

I haven't been that productive in the creating department these past couple of weeks, despite taking a couple of sketchbooks and art materials on our vacation.

While in the States, I did a couple of pages of blind contour sketching and will share the only semi-blind contour one I did because I like the wonky way it turned out, an effect I couldn't have done deliberately. It is a good example (read: lesson to me*) of how something can have visual interest because of "mistakes" when the same subject would be ho-hum if it was accurate in proportion, etc.

semi-blind contour - lamp

I remember learning about blind contour drawing during a drawing class I took as an elective at uni, but I don't remember learning about gesture drawing, which I discovered while browsing Pinterest (to get back into Art Mode so I can finish the painting of Sprout).  So, this week, in addition to making playdough with Sprout and creating dinosaurs out of it, I did two rapid-fire gesture sketches:

gesture drawing 02.11

* I already "know" this lesson, but like most things I know, I have to be reminded of them from time to time.  I even own an example of this lesson.  In Mayotte, we bought a study of a typical scene of island life and later saw the painting that the artist had done with corrected proportions, etc. While the study spoke to us, the painting didn't at all. You can see the one we bought in this post. And these are links to a redone study and a (tiny) finished version.
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