The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

All's well

Our Internet service was suspended (at our request) earlier than planned, last Sunday, so I wasn't able to post before we left Egypt. Due to our airline engaging in gambling, yesterday's travels could have been hell.* But we overcame. Once the initial anger engendered by the "oops, we overbooked and you are screwed" faded, we kept our calm and did our best to stay in a good mood despite having to travel for 14 hours instead of 7 with a baby and small child.

Now we are in France and life is good.  Last night and this morning, I could literally feel tension melting out of me. Even the muscles in my hands loosened. Amazing feeling. This morning we had breakfast by a lake, and Sprout fed wild ducks and cavorted in the water. We took a nap in the grass under the trees. We listened to silence and birdsong, and even Sprout remarked several times, "there aren't any klaxons here!"

Oh yes, life is good. Will be here and there for the rest of the summer.  Be well, my friends.

* I'm busy relaxing, so I really don't feel like ranting so I'm not going into details.
Tags: family, france, putting on my travelin' shoes

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