The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

Posting for posting's sake because i have nothing to show for my week. I did do some doodling and playing with Faber Castel markers, but I have no photos of that. I promise I'll post some next week.

Sadly, while there was some artwork happening, I spent most of my week pulling my hair out* over the online purchase of plane tickets. However with hours spent on the phone today (thank you, thank you, thank you, MIL!!!!!!) and a wee bit of shouting at ticketing agents** who didn't want to fix their own mess, we finally have things sorted out and will be going to visit my guardians in OK this fall.  Hooray!

* I seriously think I lost three solid days of my life with this mess. Poor Sprout got thoroughly sick of hearing, "I will after I buy these tickets." :-/

** They changed Sprout's status from child to adult and tried to make us pay 70 euros more than the original price. Then, instead of acknowledging their error and fixing it, they said a) the price had gone up, and b) we should  go back through the whole rigamarole of hunting for the original price and buying the tickets again. J roundly refused the "kind suggestion" and told them to fix their own mistake.
Tags: art, putting on my travelin' shoes, snippet sunday, stupid people

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