The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

Two power cuts today means that you only get a very small glimpse of my sketch.

Oh the irony! The third power cut just happened* as I finished typing "sketch." So... I shall write the text and import the photo tomorrow when the power comes back on.

I'm pleased with the way the sketch turned out and now want to retro-fit a background onto it to make it a more polished/finished piece. I spent the afternoon playing around with different techniques, trying to solidify what I'd like to do. The trick will be doing something that doesn't totally ruin what I already have. :P

bird lady

* And because the power went out, I can now hear a protest which the noise of my air-con was covering before. (Presidential election at month's end.) Beginning of May and we've already had 100+° temperatures two days running. Today I caved and put on the AC.
Tags: art, egypt, snippet sunday, the best laid plans

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