The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Thank the Lord for....

...leftovers. Otherwise today would have been harder than it was.

...candles. We have 3 power cuts per day these days, usually one in the mid-afternoon and two after the sun has gone down. Fun times ahead when summer temps get here and we need the aircon*.

...running water. It is a blessing that while we have more frequent power cuts here than we did in Mayotte** we rarely have water cuts.  I needed that water today to wash all Junebug's vomit off him and me. *sigh*

So, yeah.  I know I need to respond to comments left on my recent entries, but right now, I'm too tired out of my mind. I feel like sporking myself for not being more on the ball with all of you.  ::spork, spork, spork:: Alas, J is at work, so I'll be doing all the baby stuff solo again tonight and need to get to bed.

* Only 11 weeks (give or take a couple of days) until we head to France for summer vacation. I. cannot. wait!  The kids and I will stay on until the end of August, thereby avoiding the worst of the summer here in Cairo, but poor J will have to come back mid-July and will be the one suffering from the heat. I guess I should add "Thank the Lord for my mother-in-law" here because we'll be staying with her. I pray we don't drive her batty and vice versa. Will have to look into short getaways while there.

** Also, the cuts here are pretty predictable and the electricity is only off for an hour at a time. In Mayotte they were willy-nilly and could last in the 12-hour range. Not so good for food, etc.
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