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Glorious words!  OK, maybe the words themselves aren't glorious--though I'll admit they aren't half bad--but I have at last forced myself to get some wordage.  A whopping 219 of them.  Now before you go sneering at the them, let me tell you that my last complete chapter of my WIP dates back to March.  My last and fifth attempt to make progress on this chapter dates back to June.  Most of you know what a sucker I am for goals and discipline--especially the externally imposed kind--and yet again, that is what it took to get me writing.  This afternoon, I told slmcgaw and frigg that I won't be connecting to the net each day until I get at least 100 words, and I asked J to enforce it.  I know I was shooting low, but with such a persistant block, I wanted to start off easy.  As I said, the words may not be great, or the content rather, and I'll probably end up writing a few thousand of the suckers before I hit my stride again and can steer the story where I want it to go, but I'm just happy to be writing again.  

At this rate, I should type The End sometime in late 2007, early 2008.  *shudder*  I better look into upping that goal some time soon.

Still, WORDS!
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