The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

I know I haven't been here for you lately

I feel that way about my flist* but a little bit about J and Sprout as well. For the past week or so, I've just wanted J to take Sprout out as much as possible and give me alone time to relax work on projects.  I went to bed last night with plans to send the two of them out so I could work on a nursing top; but before I fell asleep, I changed my mind. I decided instead to spend the day with them, hoping to have a fun family day "just the three of us" before Junebug gets here. I'm really glad I did.

We went out to eat at a club where there was a kid's birthday party going on, so Sprout got to play and participate. She had fun, and we had fun watching her. A good enough day that I won't go to bed praying, "Please Lord, don't let the baby come now."**

Since tomorrow is my due date (not that I think the baby will necessarily come then), I'm going to do a snippet-style post now. This week, I sewed the dress Sprout is wearing in the photo below and crocheted the belt, too. I also made two sheets for Junebug's Moses basket and three mattress covers.

soëlie's dress2soëlie's dress

* In some sense I think I should apologize for this; in other, I know I have a great flist, full of people who understand that I'm not able to give much attention to them right now but who know that I still care what is going on with them...

** Who wants to have her baby after she's felt tired/stressed/pissy all day? Not moi. :P
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