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I haven't forgotten Snippet Sunday the past two weeks; I just haven't felt like updating. :P I've been busy, as you can imagine, with the countdown really counting down (today we are 39w1d), and I've had my nose to the grindstone fingers to the crochet hook and sewing machine.

I've crocheted two lambs, using this pattern, one for Junebug and one for Sprout, who declared she definitely needed one, too. In fact, I think *I* need one, and in my downtime (cue hysterical laughing), one of these days, I'm going to crochet the ram model for myself using a lot of different colors (probably the leftovers from my hexagon blanket) and he shall be christened Rainbow Ram.

Junebug's lamb is the cream-colored one and the white is Sprout's, same pattern, same size hook, different types of yarn.

lambsJunebug's lambIMG_9795

I also crocheted a border on a fleece blanket, made a jersey knit newborn cap, a cloth diaper (actually more like quick-remove underwear since the point is more warmth and protection for Junebug and not wetness-proofing) converted a tank top into a nursing top, and took in the elastic on my pj pants for after the birth.

In other prep news, I packed the bags for the clinic, washed all the coverings for the car seat and bassinet, made some high-protein snacks (might help with nausea) for the labor, and helped J rearrange the kids' room. Junebug won't move into the room with Sprout until after this summer, but we are going to use a Montessori bed and wanted the space ready because we hope to have the baby nap in there from the start. On Friday, but especially Saturday, I was afraid I had brought about Junebug's "early" arrival by a (unfruitful) shopping trip to IKEA. Almost everything on our to-get list was out-of-stock.  The twinges have subsided, though, leaving me hopeful that Junebug will hang in there a few more days. I'd like to sew Sprout a dress and make a nursing top...
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