The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

I fully intended to take pics of my projects this week, but hell, roads,'ve heard it all before.

So, this week:

- Cut and sewed up a king-size duvet cover. Easy peasy AND I had enough leftover flannel to make myself a pair of pajama bottoms.  I think I'll cut them big enough to wear now and just take in the elastic after Junebug gets here.

- Worked on my hexagon afghan and determined to crochet at least three more rows, which means I need 34 more hexagons.

- Did a quick charcoal sketch with Sprout. Nothing fancy, but she saw some framed charcoal-drawn flowers when we were out shopping, and I told her we could play with that medium when we got home.

Oh, and not that it really counts are "creative," but I washed all of Junebug's clothes and blankets this morning.  34 weeks today; got to start getting the sack ready...
Tags: art, feeling crafty, junebug, snippet sunday, sprout

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