The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Talk about a cultural divide

We always invite our cleaning lady to have lunch with us, and while she does usually end up eating our food, she has never sat and ate with us except for the first time, preferring to dine when it suits her.  Yesterday I made an Indian lamb dish that I think she liked.  I had deliberately made enough meat for J to take to work and enough rice for him, Sprout, and I to have leftovers, but when we got home from our outing, the food was gone (and at the point I realized it, so was Z). No leftovers in the fridge, none in the garbage... So she either ate two super generous portions of meat and four of rice or she packed it up and took it home with her. At least she liked it. *LOL*

Then, this morning, I started to do laundry and found her cleaning outfit bundled up with the dirty rags. I don't mind washing it, but it is a bit weird, in the sense that I can't imagine doing it myself. :P  Also I feel really strange giving it back to her without mending the gaping holes in the underarms. What to do, what to do...

And a little something an Egyptian told me yesterday:

Hussein, from Upper Egypt: When are you going to Aswan?
Me: Well, now is not a good time because of my pregnancy, but hopefully in the fall or winter of this year or spring of next year while the temperatures are reasonable.
Hussein:  Yes, when the baby gets downstairs, you should go.

:D  That's one way of saying it.
Tags: life in egypt, straddling that cultural divide

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