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Snippet Sunday - "La Sauvageonne"

For J's birthday this year, I decided to paint him a portrait of Sprout in all her wild shapeshifting* glory. Only I decided this the 23rd, and his bday was the 24th.  Enter watercolors, not, as you all know, a medium I'm extremely comfortable with, but hey, one must admit that you can work quickly with them.

I'm even happy with the result, and more importantly, so is J. It's a win all around.

la sauvageonne
La Sauvageonne** (click for a link to a zoom-able image)
* This is still one of her favorite pastimes. She made me laugh the morning she woke up and said, right off the bat, "Good morning, Mama Stegosaurus." Sadly that was the day of J's birthday, or else I would have added some dinosaur bits to the portrait. She's played dinosaurs before but only generically. I guess the alligator arm that you can barely glimpse behind the feathers on the right will have to do.

** La sauvageonne means "wild child"
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