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How to be a curiosity in Cairo

First, find a nice green spot to park yourselves in. Easier said than done. What you will find is either the landscaped middle of a roundabout or perhaps a triangle of well-tended lawn bounded by three streets, which is where we settled.

Second, install a slack line between a couple of trees and have your man practice his equilibrial skills in plain sight of passing motorists.

Third, have a small, blond child running joyously about, climbing trees, and taking turns at pretending to be all the varied animals in her mental menagerie.

Fourth, have a pregnant blond lady sitting on a blanket in the grass, crocheting a baby afghan.

Sensation assured.

J gives it three days tops before someone comes up to him and says, "Hey, I saw you the other day..." :P


ETA: Using roundabouts and even filthy, vacant lots as gathering places is not uncommon in Egypt...for Egyptians.  Expats are not prone to doing it, however.

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