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15...16...Who's counting?

At the beginning of my pregnancy, when I consulted a gyno for the first time, she gave me to understand that I was not 7 weeks along, as I had thought, but only 6.  Because of previous miscarriages, I was understandably worried about the development of the baby (yeah, I know there are "correct" terms for each stage and "baby" isn't the accepted medical term at that particular point, but whatever), and I think that, due to the baby's small-seeming size, the gyno may have allowed me to understand (to alleviate worries) that the pregnancy wasn't as far along as I thought.

In any case, I consulted a midwife yesterday, and she said, "So, you're 16 weeks and 4 days along."  And here I was thinking I was only in the 15th week. Even though Junebug was being a slippery eel (to quote the midwife), we were able to hear a heartbeat and were much relieved that things continue to be progressing well.

Last night in bed, I felt a distinct movement. I had felt things earlier but never wanted to say for 100% that they were caused by the baby.

So, I'm starting to relax more than ever, and my energy is coming back, allowing me to plan more for the future.  At the moment, I'm researching why I vomited with every. single. contraction (up until I was fully dilated) with Sprout.* I understand that it is normal for women to throw up during labor, but yeah, I'd really like to avoid it this time around if I can.  I'd like to have more memories of the lead up to bringing Junebug into the world than heaving my guts out from pain, which, according to the hospital midwives' little contraction-intensity-detector machine, was "not that bad." sunflower_sky (or anyone else who knows), does/can hynobirthing help with this?

* I had a cantaloupe-sized cyst on an ovary when I was 18, and just before it was removed, I spent the entire night vomiting from the pain. Maybe it has something to do with displaced organs and bile ducts and well, I don't know... Any ideas?
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