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One day, in the merry month of May, I was lying on my bed with Sprout, trying to get her to take a nap.  Out of the blue, she said, "I want a sister."  Then she turned and looked at me with a most earnest expression and declared, "I want my parents to make me a sister."

Being the obliging parents that we are, J and I, um, did what we could to make our girl's desire come true.  We know we made something; we just don't know (and don't choose to know) yet whether it will be a sister or a brother. We've been preparing her for eventuality number 2.

So, yes, that is what I created this week and have been creating for the past 14.  Junebug, the obvious code name for a baby conceived in June, will be joining our family end of February/beginning of March.

S with test
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Sep. 9th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
I've found a really nice gynecologist who tells me that she will be the one following me throughout the pregnancy AND delivery, which is not common in France unless you pay to go to a fancy clinic. Of course, something could always come up. She also gets plus points for not freaking out when I asked how she felt about homebirth. I have tried to find a doula, but there is not much choice. Since I knew I'd be leaving on vacation at the end of my first trimester (and wanted to get through that before I started making plans), I haven't pursued the few options I've found so far. I'll do that when I get back.
Sep. 9th, 2013 10:38 am (UTC)
If you like I can ask on the message group for Childbirth International--the online school I took my childbirth educator course through. They have doulas there too. No idea if they have anyone in Cairo but I could ask.

Interesting, so it seems like it's more like the US system.

Sep. 10th, 2013 05:58 am (UTC)
I would appreciate it if you could ask. :)


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