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One day, in the merry month of May, I was lying on my bed with Sprout, trying to get her to take a nap.  Out of the blue, she said, "I want a sister."  Then she turned and looked at me with a most earnest expression and declared, "I want my parents to make me a sister."

Being the obliging parents that we are, J and I, um, did what we could to make our girl's desire come true.  We know we made something; we just don't know (and don't choose to know) yet whether it will be a sister or a brother. We've been preparing her for eventuality number 2.

So, yes, that is what I created this week and have been creating for the past 14.  Junebug, the obvious code name for a baby conceived in June, will be joining our family end of February/beginning of March.

S with test
countdown 11-13
Tags: family, huzzah, junebug, sprout
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