The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Sunday Snippet, which is not a snippet but an update

Sprout and I arrived safely in France on Friday, after a long delay in Paris due to suspect baggage (not on our flight) and baggage that needed to be unloaded because of no-show passengers (our flight).  Sprout was an angel and a joy to travel with, so no worries there.

We spent the first two days here eating well, catching up with family, and just enjoying nature. However, my health has been blah. First wonky sinuses, which could be due to air travel I suppose, then a headache on day two, and stiff and achy shoulders and back today. My theory is that my body is detoxing.  May be a total crock, but the French embassy hired a study done on the pollution level in Cairo: The results showed that the air is so filthy that it has the same effect on our lungs as smoking a pack a day of cigarettes.  So, yeah, maybe not so crazy after all.  I hope the ick passes soon.

In other news, I DID create this week, but I'll post about it tomorrow.

I hope everything and everyone is well in LJ-land.
Tags: family, france, holidays, mazamet

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