The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

10 days early? I'll take it!

So, we have finally succeeded in changing the flights for the Sprout and me.  Good news: We will be leaving 30 Aug instead of 9 Sept.  Bad news: J still has to work and must stay behind until the 9th.

However, I'm much more comfortable with us (read S and her pop) being apart for 10 days instead of 2 months,* which was my big concern with leaving back at the beginning of July. I would have happily left tomorrow, even, but everything is booked solid until the 28th, and the 30th was the first flight J's contact could get us out on.  Just 9 days more, 9 days more...

Curfew is still in effect here from 7pm-6am, and our flight is at 6:35, meaning we'll have to break curfew in order to check-in on time.  The lady who changed our tickets said, however, that with our passports and tickets in hand, we should have no troubles.

To which J cheerfully said, "If the police don't just shoot at us first."

Ha. Ha.

* he works 24hr+ shifts at the moment, and already she wants to know where he is and why he isn't able to be home with us.  If (when) J goes back to the CRS and 3wk-deployments, she is going to be one unhappy kid. :(
Tags: egypt, family
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