The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

Words this week: 0.  Sorry, frigg and mindseas.

Art-wise, I started working on a piece that centers around my wishes for our future home, kind of a collection of things I'd like to have, such as bees, a garden, woods where I can find/grow mushrooms, etc. I didn't take a pic of my progress because so far I'm just doing light pencil lines. I'll go back over those with a Micron pen and then apply some watercolor.

We are going to France in Sept for a month and will go property hunting, even though we are not ready to buy.  With my discontent* with life in Egypt and the upcoming trip, I'm in full "dream about the future" mode.

What have you been up this week on the creative front?

(* Over a week ago, I started a long post about this. But felt too blah to post it. Long story short: I don't enjoy the life in this city. Too dirty, too noisy, no "green" places to hang out unless you pay for them...just a lot of different things.  
Tags: art, snippet sunday, the best laid plans

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