The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Still shapeshifting

frigg assures me that I'm far from falling into the "crazy mom" category with an excess of kid posts, so I thought I could permit myself one more:

S is still heavily into her shapeshifting games. So funny that more than a year ago, I dreamed about her being a shapeshifter. Her usual suspects are cats (still her favorite), followed by mermaids, ghosts, alligators, wolves... Her latest addition?  An earwig.  Yes, my 2.75 year old loves to pretend she is an earwig. We sometimes have them in the bathtub, and she likes to play with them.

S also has an invisible snake for a friend. She says his name is "filencieux," a mix of feline and the French silencieux (silent). 
Tags: sprout
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