The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Just a few...

These were taken with an underwater camera that we rented during one of our dives (on my b-day to be exact), so the photos aren't the best--don't know the camera and all and didn't have enough time/practice to master the controls.  Not to mention the current was so strong that it was like being on an underwater conveyor belt.  But mana_trini did a fine job all same.mco  He will soon have his camcorder and water-tight case, so videos will be in order.

This is a trunk/box fish:

I think this is a cleaner shrimp, the kind that has a "service station" for eels and the like:

An Emperor Angel Fish:

a map pufferfish

a Zig-zag (gee, I wondered why they named it that?) or cock's-comb clam

and a last crab pic, taken the same day.  I think it is a ghost crab:

Tags: diving, life in mayotte, mayotte, pics: mayotte, sealife

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