The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

"My Father's Keeper"

I love my husband to bits, but I cannot deny that he has a few, um, shortcomings, namely his lack of memory and sense of direction.  Thankfully he has a small daughter....

J, talking to me and zipping up his backpack:  OK, I think I have everything. We'll be back later.
J and S leave
S, as they step out of the elevator on the bottom floor:  Papa, where's your backpack?


J takes S to the supermarket. It is closed early for Ramadan, so he decides to go to a different one.
30 minutes later, S says: Papa, where are we going?
J: We're going to the store.
S: Oh, because I see our church.
...Which is in the complete opposite direction. :P


To be fair to J, the other day, all three of us were leaving, and as we stepped out the door, S said to me: Mom, where are your shoes?
Yes, I was leaving the house barefoot and didn't even realize it. :P

Tags: family, sprout, the things i hear
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