The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

So, an oil painting in order to feel accomplished, not like an utter hack...

Yeah, look under the cut to see how that worked out for me.

I worked on my pyramids and was quite happy with how much fun I was having. But then J came along and, quite rightly and quite honestly, said, "It is a good reproduction but you need to take it a step beyond."

So, I tried. And didn't like it. And tried something else. Didn't like it either. In fact, I hated it with white-hot hate.


Instead if keeping on, I decided to scratch it all. That is exactly what I did. I took my paint knife and scraped off all the paint. The subject was never interesting enough to begin with. Nothing was special about the light or what I was achieving, so:

(this image isn't showing up for frigg, so it might not show up for others. Not to worry, it is only a blank canvas. You aren't missing me making a further fool of myself. :P )
I applied primer and will try something else.

Stay tuned.
Tags: art, fear of failure, snippet sunday

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