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Snippet Saturday

We are going to be busy tomorrow--going to gallivant around Cairo with J and S for Father's Day--so I'm posting my snippet early.

I did a lot of art this week, maybe more art than writing, so I'll share some of that. I wanted to post a watercolor, but it is too late to photograph anything. Scanning sketches works all right, though.

As khiemtran likes to say...

I've bought a new sketchbook, one dedicated to scribbledy sketches. I want to get looser and less uptight about sketching, well, sketches. So I can only use a pen in this book: no do-overs, nothing is considered a mistake. I'm just learning to coordinate my eye and hand better while gaining confidence to be spontaneous. To that effect I'm really trying to keep my eyes on my subject and not my paper and pen

For now, I've only sketched things from my balcony of a morning, hence some odd-seeming (ok, it doesn't just seem odd, it IS odd) perspective. And one really has to be quick! It's an ever-changing scene down there.

So, behold: Scribbles.

speed sketches

The little "scene" at the top left is the newspaper seller who spreads his papers on the curb every morning. And on the right is the public transportation of choice for Egyptians: the mini bus.  Don't get me started on mini bus drivers.  No, really. Don't.  That'll be a post for another day.
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