The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Funny how things don't work out

Or rather: how things don't work out to plan, to intention.

I went on an Internet hiatus to find a bit of balance in my daily life, and instead of finding some happy middle ground--or being wildly productive in terms of creative endeavors, as I had hoped--I did a pendulum swing to the other side of the divide.  I went from being a near-housebound hermit to a social butterfly caught in a swirl of constant engagement.

Going outside (sometimes in search of the Internet, yet that never seemed to work out) instead of sitting at home in front of my computer led to me meeting scads of new people. Phone numbers were exchanged, play dates were had, eating out with Others was done.  So much so that it was (is) a bit scary, to be honest. I like my hermithood, but I do like meeting people and chatting (provided the people are interesting and not the types that make me cringe. Yes, I've met a couple of those). I've yet to find the sweet spot between the two.

So, we have the net at the house once again, and I'm going to take the next month easy and try not to get sucked back into the "pointless," timesucking aspects of being online.

We shall see if this time things go to plan...
Tags: hodgepodge, the best laid plans

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