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This, that, and the other...Mayotte-style

Last night, I took my first nocturnal dip in the lagoon.  Unfortunately, it wasn't intentional.

mana_trini and I bought some fishing tackle because, despite our intentions, ours didn't get packed in the car to come over with us.  We took our gear and went to the dock for the car ferry.  Because the wind was so strong, we decided to move, but not before witnessing a most gorgeous sunset.

This boat takes passengers between Mayotte and the other Comorien Islands.

That is Grande Terre behind the boats, and on the left, you can see the car ferry coming.

  On the other side of the island, where the passenger ferry docks, the conditions were better.  We were fishing for calamari and any big fish that might be in the vicinty, such as barracudas.  J *almost* caught a calamari--it slipped back into the water--but it was really too small to keep anyhow.  I decided to move to the other side of the jetty, and my stupid too-slick soles slipped on the rocks and...splash.  In I went.  I have a banged up shin, a torn toenail, a sliced toe and a scrape on my right thumb.  At least the water wasn't cold.  The highlight of the evening, besides the sunset, was seeing a baby torpille tacheté (spotted torpille or whatever it is called in English.  It's a kind of ray).  It wouldn't be fair if J *almost* caught something but I didn't, so I *almost* caught a fish.  It was too dark to see what it was, but it didn't look very big.  Definitely not big enough to be attacking the lure I was using.  Shortly after I fell in the water, J lost his calamari lure, so we called it a night.

We went fishing again this evening and would you believe it? This time I'm the one who lost the lure.  But with good cause.  I know it sounds like a case of the one that got away, but a good-sized calamari stole it and took off with it.  I went back to the tackle shop to buy another but they were already closed.  When I got back to the jetty, J let me fish with the pole,, well, I didn't *mean* to lose the spoon.  I think I'm cursed.  If we keep up this rhythm, fishing is going to become a verrrry expensive hobby.

In other news, I bought an ice cream maker and attempted a first batch today.  It was not a success.  It is too hot here for it to freeze in the machine. :(  It is currently in tne freezer and has been six hours and is *still* not frozen.  *despairs*


frigg and kmkibble have very nicely volunteered to read several--more like 19 chapters--of my WIP to help me get over my block.  Today, frigg intimated that she may have an idea about what could be giving me fits.  I guess I should be excited about it, but instead, it kind of put my stomach in knots.  I'll just have to be patient and wait until she reads all the chapters and still feels the same about whatever it is she has found. :S

J said I could read the book to him, too, but the poor thing wen't to bed at 8:15 tonight because he isn't feeling well.  Not a good time to start a book.

I'm not sure how it will pan out, and I'm hesitant to mention it, much less commit, but I'm thinking about doing NaNo this year.  I had signed up last year but, due to circumstances, was unable to participate.  I haven't touched the project that I was going to use last year, so I could try it again.  Who knows, it might even give me the desire to work on TTD.  Must think about it.


I don't think I mentioned that I taught my first English class last week.   I had one hour with four preschool children.  It went well, but one hour a week is hardly sufficient to pay the bills, and it blocks my Friday afternoons--my whole Friday, really, because I can't go anywhere.  If they don't get me more hours, I'm going to quit.  I have another lesson tomorrow, and I'm not even prepared for it.  Not very serious, am I?  It is just hard to commit to something that I'm 99% sure will be a dead end.

We're going diving in the morning, so I guess I better head to bed.  Gotta wake up with the alarm tomorrow.

'Night all.

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