The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Donkeys, Day 15

Yes, I'm still working on my donkeys. I've been blindsided, sideswiped, rear-ended, and run over by Fatigue, Personal Sick, and Family Sick, and so had no time or energy for art. I've been concentrating on writing since the beginning of the month, but I finally had the inspiration to do my "last" donkey.  Not last because I'm giving up but because I'm not going to experiment with other styles.*

Instead, the remaining 15 days** of my challenge will be spent developing 3-4 of my (and Julien's) favorites, so I can see how they look as more complete works. I'll also see if I enjoy the amount and type of effort involved.

But before that, I give you a donkey inspired by Madhubani (or Mithila) Indian folk art. The other day, I saw a couple of works in this style at an expo, and it reminded me that I wanted to try another folksy type donkey. I did this in sepia ink (forgot to change the settings and scanned it as a "Black & White Document"), but I haven't ruled out using color. I actually wanted to do it with illustration markers. Only I have no illustration markers and--see second sentence of this post--have not been out to buy any, despite my best intentions to the contrary.

15 Mithila inspired Donkey

Mithila Donkey, ink and calligraphy pen

My paper was too big for the scanner, but in my next post, you'll be able to see the edges.


* Unless I feel like it. :P
** Not consecutive. I know better than to plan such a thing. ;)
Tags: art, donkeys, lost slipper

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