The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

Another snippet from what I am coming to think of as a Frankenstein chapter. I am now trying to smooth three different starts together, and I still don't have an ending. It is a bit frustrating because at one point, I felt I had leaped ahead in my ability to do characterization, at long last stepping onto a new plateau. Sadly, the point and the plateau were precarious, for no sooner I had reached them, then I tumbled to the bottom of the dratted mesa again. Such is this writer's life. :P

“Straight east towards the Rain Gardens,” he recited, leaving the cover of the tree. “Four intersections, turn left.”

When he made the left turn, he found the Donkey Well in the middle of a small square, as he knew he would. Still, he could not stop a silly grin at the sight of it. His model said the well was there, and there it was. Along with a stench the likes of which he had never smelled in the Royal Stables.
Tags: snippet sunday, that thing called writing, witherwilds

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