The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

And these, for her, forever will be Egypt

Masses of colorful bougainvillea and the fragrance for frangipani will forever remind me of the Maldives as that is where I encountered them for the first time.

Walls of jasmine and Rangoon Creeper will always be Mayotte. Although I saw many acacias in Kenya, not until I lived in Mayotte did I learn the texture of their seed pods and fashion their shiny dark seeds into jewelry. In Mayotte, I discovered breadfruit and, strangely enough, tortilla patata. Those smells and flora and tastes are inextricably tied to A Place and A Time for me.

As will certain things bring the Sprout back to Egypt.

S b&w

Bougainvillea will be Egypt, as will giant, woody seed pods of the flamboyant tree. And acacias. Even frangipani because I offered one to J for Christmas. In a few weeks, it should have its first flowers, sweetening our balcony air, a smell to help her remember a childhood home.

Smelling Bougainvilleaseed pods

Flamboyant seedpodAcacia seedpod

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