The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

I ain't foolin'

I hoped to make this post early this morning, chuckling about the run of ick that I've been facing, but the Nasty had a hold of me until well into the afternoon.

I've been feeling dead on my feet for almost a week, extreme fatigue resulting in me needing to nap (er, not something I usually do) and having a twitch in my eye.  Saturday, I got a sunburn, just a slight one from the look of it, but I've been burned so bad before on two painfully memorable occasions that my skin just can't take any more.

Anyhow, all that snowballed into the "Nasty" last night, which was certainly compounded by something I ate. What, I don't know, since J and S ate the same way that I did. I dozed maybe a total of 2hrs last night betwixt visits to the bathroom. I can usually shake these kind of stomach bugs if I just throw up a time or two. Last night that was not the case. It just kept wringing me out and wringing me out.

I napped a little this afternoon and aside from eating a banana, I have not felt well enough to keep anything down. I am just know able to drink a beverage at more than a sip every half hour or so.  Still weak, but I'm hoping this is the tail end of it.

In true does-this-have-to-happen-now style I decided to participate in this round of novel_in_90. I got my words yesty before staggering off to my bed, but my brain feels like mush today. I am planning of writing only 6 of 7 days this round, but I hate to use an off day because I'm sick. It is supposed to be used for processing story. I want no processing of any kind right now.

On the bright side, I was able to make some breakthroughs in What is the Character's Goal in this Chapter? last night thanks to J. Maybe I can finish typing in those ideas in the roughest of rough drafts and reach my 750 word goal.  However, I am, dear friends, being reasonable, and if I just don't feel up to it, I won't push myself. I've learned to just take one on the chin for the Miquela Will Get Stuff Done team.

I have a couple of entries I wanted to write for people, but I hope you'll forgive me for postponing it, yet again, especially, xjenavivex, the ones concerning recipes. I just don't want to think that deeply about food right now.
Tags: ickiness, ni90, that thing called writing, the best laid plans, witherwilds
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