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Donkeys, Day 10

Today's art was a mother and daughter affair. Please see note to self.

I'm playing with an idea of strong, dark lines (probably ink) on a painted background, but I'm not happy with my efforts so far.  This is definitely one of my least favorites. The donkey is stiff and not a part of the background. I didn't intend to color him in the way I did, though. See note to self.

10 Donkey and autumn tree
"Autumnal Donkey," watercolor and ink
And now the daughter part of the day.

Soëlie wanted to paint a donkey with me, so I drew her one. She specified, "A unicorn donkey." Behold:
Donkey Unicorn
"Unicorn Donkey," by Soëlie, charcoal, watercolors, and watercolor pencils

Then she decided to draw her own.  "You see," she said. "I'm trying to draw its face. It's not facile!" I know, my dear, I know. It's not always easy.

Donkey drawing
"Donkey Head," by Soëlie, pencil
Note(s) to self:  Doing art with the wee one is great, but keep in mind you will probably, at some point, have a child diving onto your lap. Trying to do line work is not advised. Also, wait until you get your drawing pens to do line work. The brush pen just can't cut it in all cases, and you'll only end up frustrated. Salt on watercolor is nice, but I'm not sure you should try applying ink over it. Something caused the ink to bleed, and I think that was it.
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