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O how many paths we tread

This a journey through photos post so I shall put it behind a cut.  Come in and walk a while with me.

Take off your shoes, the better to empathize. The earth tells you more keenly of its pains and joys if you listen with bare feet.

path - three rivers petroglyph site

Don't mind the barriers, unless you really do mind. And if you do, then this path is probably not for you.

path - Kemmerer

And this is where our ways part. Perhaps.

What? Did you think I would take you by the hand and lead where you would not go?  Ah, I did say path. But, no, there is not only only.

 Which will you take? They diverge slowly, but diverge they do.
path - wheatfield France

One will lead you here, keeping you safe with is boards under and beside you, letting you touch some golden beauty but not all:

path - capitol reef Fruita

Another will take you here, boards underfoot, yes, but nothing to discourage you from stepping off into mineral-saturated waters that may burn and boil you. You can go back or continue though you see not the way that lies ahead:

path - Yellowstone

Perhaps you will go through a barren stretch, just a faint path to guide you:

path - uyuni

And once you make it through the waste, you may have to walk on the edge. Be baptized, fellow wanderer, by earth's cool shower, before you round that curve

path - bolivia

Whatever path you take, whatever fogs and barrens you may brave, I hope you find your bliss, not at the end of your journey, but every step along its way.

Photos: 1) Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM, USA; 2) Kemmerer, WY, USA; 3) Wheatfield near Vinon, France; 4) Capitol Reef, Fruita, UT, USA; Yellowstone, WY, USA; 5) Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia; 6) World's deadliest road, Bolivia.
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