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Donkeys, Day 9

What is that saying about hell and good intentions? I think I added a few paving stones today. :P

Oh well, I did do the donkey part of my illustration. I just didn't get in the other details I wanted to include. You can see on the bottom that I was going to put in the eponymous slippers from the story (and the baby wearing them, too, which was visible before I cropped the image), but the day had other plans. Days of mine (yours, too?) have a way of taking over like that.

9 Acrylic Donkey
"Curious Donkey," Acrylic on paper
Now I intend to clean my paintbrushes and head to bed.  Will I make it or will the road to hell get a little free construction work?
Tags: art, donkeys, lost slipper, that thing called writing
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