The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Donkeys, Day 8

Despite the simplicity of the design I came up with, my wrists weren't very happy with the papercutting. I wasn't thinking about my tendonitis but about my very dull cutter blade when I decided to keep my image simple, and I'm glad I didn't try for anything more delicate.

The logistics of where to cut and what to keep were quite entertaining, and I might like to try more of this technique.* However, I won't be doing so until I get the proper tools for it, including paper that lends itself to cleaner cutting that what I used.

8 Papercut Donkey

Paper-cut Donkey, blue construction paper
* Note to self: Make sure to do really big images and keep tiny, painstaking cuts to a minimum.
I need to start thinking about editing my story (because that may change my illustration list). I would like to have a couple of beta readers to help me with that. I'll go into more detail with those who are interested. If you'd like to volunteer, you can email me or send me a private message.  Thanks in advance.
Tags: art, donkeys, friends, lost slipper, that thing called writing
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