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Donkeys, Day 5

Behold! A serious draft!

As you will have noticed, I haven't been worried about composition and such since embarking on this challenge, but I have tried to turn in "clean"(-ish) versions of my ideas. Not so today. You are getting a drawing with ink smudges and blah bits and all. And that's ok. This is very much a draft stage, and I need to get that through my head so that I'm not spending so much time on these illustrations.

I think to do an ink drawing justice and give it a chance to convince me, I should have paid more attention to composition, but doing the sketch on this buff paper lets me see that I would definitely want more touches of color, more in line with yesterday's offering. I seem to be leaning toward mixed media for the moment...

5 Poitou Donkey
"Poitou Donkey," ink on colored paper

As a former dreadlocked chica and soon-to-be-Frenchie, I have to have a Poitou donkey in the mix! However, this is not the right medium to do him justice. I may try another version later.
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